GEAR UP Tutoring Institute Update

The GEAR UP Tutoring Institute will provide the tools to strengthen the academic skill sets of its participants. To promote the academic success of students, the GUTI will provide enrichment to prepare the participants for academic success. Administrators will assess individual student needs, progress, and success; and document sessions for the benefit of the student and program administration.

The GUTI will begin Nov. 12, 2012.

Tutoring Schedule 11/12/12 – 4/28/12

Monday & Wednesday: West Avenue School, Broad St. School, Quarter Mile Lane, *ExCel
Tuesday & Thursday: Buckshutem, Cherry St., Indian Avenue
(*to accommodate ExCel students’ schedules, the program times will be 4:00-5:00 p.m.)

Enrollment Procedure — How will students be identified?
1. Involuntary GEAR UP students will be selected based on academic performance as reflected on their grade reports. These are students receiving low C’s to F’s and will be required to participate.
2. Non GEAR UP students can be recommended by teacher or administrator. To ensure that there are enough slots available in the program, students will need to have tutoring form completed one week in advance.


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